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Whether you are wondering if therapy is the right career for you, private practice is your next step, you want to grow to a group practice, or just learn more about eating disorders. I'm happy to answer all your questions. Pricing starts at $200 for 1 hour. Packages available upon request. 

Shadow on the Wall

Bachelor's/Master's Degree

"Emily was extremely helpful during our call. I came with a long list of questions and she was able to answer and give me her personal insight on each one. I had a lot of anxiety about what private or group practice would look like during all the stages of licensing. Emily gave me examples of her experience in each stage and that put me at ease. Before our call, I was anxious and apprehensive about the journey ahead of me. After our call, I was inspired and excited to begin."


Private Practice

"Emily was so helpful in consulting on starting my own private practice! I came to her with a long list of questions and also anxieties. She took time to answer every question and did so in a personable and attentive way. Additionally, she brought me so much ease when contemplating such a big step in my career as a therapist! The advice and support, especially on the business end of things, helped me to solidify starting my own practice and gave me the confidence boost that I needed! I would highly recommend her services if you are looking to start your own private practice!"

Beige Podium

Group Practice

"Emily was amazing! She had a lot of wise and experienced advice.  I had a list of questions and she answered all of them without me even having asked.  She was supportive of my situation and I felt encouraged that I could better my business and expand.  She is also easy to talk to and very relatable! I would highly recommend her!"

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